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Drill-Less Sump Setup

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Anyone have an idea if this is possible?  I don't have any experience and doubt I even have the tools required to drill holes for a sump-setup but I would like to have a sump-like setup for my rack.  IF anyone have an idea or experience in this department, please assist.  Any bits of information would be very helpful.  Thank you!  :D

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Drilling a hole through glass is easy. All you need is 1-2 clamps, small piece of wood, tape, a drill, and diamond drill bit that has a diameter slightly larger than your bulk head. As long as your tank is made from Non-Tempered glass you can drill through it. Most of the time there is a sticker on the bottom piece that says the bottom is made from tempered glass and cannot be drilled which means all the 4 sides are drill-able.


All you need to do is using the diamond coated hole saw, drill the hole through the small piece of wood first. Then clamp the wood to the glass and position it where you want it to be drilled. Tape the other side of the glass. Pour water onto the face of the glass that will be drilled. Start drilling but do not apply a lot of pressure. The slower the better.


All the materials are available at home depot but if you still do not want to take the chance, you can always purchase the Hang On Back Overflows or make your own DIY overflows out of PVC. There are lots of videos and guides online. Just make sure if you make a pvc overflow that you drill a hole slightly below where you want the waterline to be so that when the power goes out, the overflow will naturally create a reverse siphon but the hole will break it.

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