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Is this saddle normal or should I be worried?

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So, I have a handful of saddled snowballs (and woot - my neon yellow is saddled as of today!!!)


But - there is one snowball female that I am worried about, her saddle seems HUGE compared to the others. She is eating and seems ok, but is this normal?


First pic is of her, the other is one of the other females. The other females have much smaller saddles so I don't know if this is a worry or not.


The HUGE saddle



the others have saddles like this or smaller


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Ever get tired of them?  Hey, we started as newbies at one time too! LOL  We all have to help each other.

Well it is MUCH appreciated! I have googled and youtubed .... and it's very hard to sort it all out. Nice to have such nice, willing people here to help :)

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I just had a super saddled cherry, it was saddled for about three weeks.  I came in yesterday and she laid the eggs and boy is she fat, the eggs are hanging out below her and drag when she walks.  Its pretty awesome actually this little 1.75g tank has produced about 60 babies since october.

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ha ha, love it!!! My kids have said the same kind of thing. I told them being the crazy fish lady is better than the crazy cat lady (we have one cat). No vet bills, food is cheaper and they are way less needy.


My boys are learning to just deal with it. Now when a package comes my youngest just puts it on my bed and says "you got more fish stuff'. He refused to differentiate between the bettas and the shrimp and calls them 'fish'.


I did mention that when he moves out I'm turning his room into a fish room, he did not see the humor in that :)


Then I went for the guilt and told them they are older now (27 and 15) and that I don't see them much now and how it's a hobby to keep me happy. That shut them up - I'm a pro :) ha ha 

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