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Shrimp tube feeder (highly recommended)


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I love this thing! I think the shrimp love it too! It's perfect for feeding powder food. I place just a tiny amount in the top of the tube and it falls down very slowly into the dish. It's amazing how much food is in a ""tiny" pinch. I caught several greedy shrimpies trying to swim up the tube to get the best pickings! Best of all I see most of the food getting eaten before it touches the substrate. I got mine on eaby for 8 bucks shipped. There are a few people beginning to make and sell these on the web. I highly recommend them!





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glass or acrylic?

This one is acrylic. The tube attaches to the feeding dish with a small plastic nut and bolt. It came with two suction cups to attach it to the tank. I'll add the link to my first post.

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I only have one in my 7g tb tank right now. I'm definitely gonna get a few more. Myshrimp act like I starve them. They're agressive when it come to feeding time. If I put a pellet it the tank one shrimp will run off with it. That's why I mainly feed powder foods. This tube helps control where the powder food lands.

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