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RARE MOSS!!! Pilotrichaceae sp. on Lava Rock & Plagiochcila sp. (cameroon)


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Here is another very rare moss which I acquired a while ago. It's also known as Pilo moss. I'm offering this 1" x 1" portion which has been grown out on lava rock. I'm growing this with great success in low light and no co2 or ferts.

The cameroon has been recently tied to 1" x 1" ss mesh and also grows in low light and no ferts. 


1. Pilo attached to lava rock $40.00 (1 available)


2. cameroon $20. (3 available)


Pilo Description


"A very nice new moss not yet fully identified. It belongs to the Pilotrichaceae family. Much like Weeping moss (Vesicularia ferriei), "Pilo moss" has a more or less overhanging growth habit, but unlike the former, it reliably clings to the substrate. On flat areas it forms a dense, flat, deep green mat. It is a relatively slow grower and thus only needs to be trimmed rarely."


Plagiochcila sp.Description

The Plagiochila is a liverwart. It is often located in wetlands in tropical Africa and Madagascar in the region. It develops at the edges of streams in the forest.

This rare moss is also known as the Japanese Hanegoke sp. "Cameroon".


Shipping is $6.00 USPS priority within the conusa only.

Paypal only.




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