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FS: CPOs, Rotala Green, Pogo Erectus, Rare Mosses, Shrimp Magazines


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Hey guys! It's been awhile since I posted one of these but I tried to get away and couldn't in the long run so I'm back :)

Here's what I have to sell:

6 new adult CPOs - $8 each or $40 for all 6

- I know I have at least 2 females

Shipping on these will have to $15 since I have to use a breather bag for each CPO

Rotala sp Green - SOLD

Pogostemmon Erectus - $3 for 5 stems

Solenostoma tetragonum - $15 for 1" x 1" portion (1 left)

- rare moss I got from a guy in Poland

Notocyphus Lutescens - SOLD

Shipping on plants is $4 first class or $6 priority

2 used copies of Breeders & Keepers Volume 1 and 2 - SOLD

- volume 1 has some water damage and a tear in the front cover

- volume 2 is in like new condition



Rotala green


Pogo Erectus


Solenostoma tetragonum - early growth


Solenostoma tetragonum - mature growth (that's not algae, it's the roots)


Notocyphus Lutescens


Breeders & Keepers Vol 1 & 2


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What are the Water parameters? What is their size mature (would they make it in a community (peaceful but some 4" sizes)

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TDS: 250

Ph: 7.0

Temp: 74

I don't test gh and kh

They would do well in a community tank. They will try to snip at the fish but will never come close haha

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