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Guess I'll use this as a journal of sorts.  It doesn't fit in with the shrimp stuff, so I guess I'll post it here- unless someone has a better idea. heh


Just finished a short run of "Sweet Obsession" in October, and recently finished a short run of "It's A Wonderful; Life" as Uncle Billy.


I'm hoping 2015 has a couple good acting breaks for me this year. heh


I may have an audition for a cable soap opera this month, so keep the fingers crossed folks.

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The name of the soap opera is called "New Souls."


...and I got the audition!  So Jan 31st, I go audition.  They're sending me the sides so I know the character to audition with. :)


It's for a small cable provider in Chicago, so pay is next to nothing, but the perks are worth it to me IF I get cast.


Experience in front of a camera

Experience working in a TV show

My own IMDB page

Social Neworking

Visual Exposure

and chance of being picked up by other cable stations/providers.


The company is a beginning producing company and as it grows, they'll remember who has been working with them.


In short, although transportation and expenses would run me into the red, I'd be paying my dues for one step closer to my dream of being a professional actor.  I always have to laugh at what the media terms "overnight successes." The entertainer may have signed a contract overnight, but there are years and years of paying dues behind him/her!

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That's a great break for you. I hope you kill it! I've been paying dues in the music business for the last thirty years and never get tired of it. Do what you love! Good luck!

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