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black beard algee in cbs tank


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So just noticed some in my shrimp tank anyone have a good way of geting rid of it? Please looked into for another tank and the only thing that took care of it was an algee eater and this is my cbs tank and I'm about to get my first clutch of babies so I don't want one of those in my tank.


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Once you have BBA you will always have it. Take the wood out and spray with H2O2 and let it sit for about 15 minutes, rinse and return it to the tank. It will turn pink and then eventually white, it may come back again unfortunately though.

I am about to break down a tank and soak all the rocks in muriatic acid, I have treated them multiple times with H2O2 and scrubbing and the BBA always comes back. They should have called it black plague algae.

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