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There is no cambarellus patzcuarensis blue. I breed the lovely cambarellus diminutus var blue. I have bred CPOS before. This is my new favorite dwarf cray. They are endangered in the wild and the smallest dwarf cray. Check out my paged Tamed Waters on Facebook for more info :)

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I always thought the blue ones were just Cambarellus shufeldtii. If I remember correctly if you keep them in hard water and try to feed mostly veggies they turn blue, but when placed in soft water and giving a more meat based diet they turn brown.


Here's a site that list them as the same.



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shufeldtii are the common dwarf blue. You can buy  like 10 for $25. They dont have a nice blue color either. As for the color and water, I keep mine at 72 and feed a variety but mostly meaty stuff. Some veggies too

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