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Dwarf Water Lettuce RAOK

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How do they work in planted tank. Don't they shade out all the light for other plants? With HOB do they move too much? Just curious for the future. Thanks in as ance

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Nope. Lots of light for plants underneath. I usually had a corner filter and they do move somewhat but still grows rapidly

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I've always used floating plants in conjunction with plants that are not very demanding about light, which makes shading less of an issue. Plus, you can easily control how shaded the tank is by removing extras. However, if you have a stunning high tech display, you may not want to cut down on the light like that.

Most of the time, floaters will find somewhere to hang out and congregate. Every now and then they will find somewhere troublesome (once, I had ended up with a nice rotational flow, which was great except for the part where the long roots snagged some tall plants and twisted them around and crushed them), but it's generally not an issue.

Water lettuce really likes strong light and can get quite big if grown outdoors. It tends to stay dwarfed in aquaria.

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