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Anyone willing to ship to Canada? Fedex International Ex comes here.


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As the title says, we are looking for suppliers willing to ship shrimps to Ontario Canada via FedEx International Express, which takes 2 days even with customs.   For those of you who don't know

this, it is very hard for Canadians (Ontario especially) to get good quality shrimps outside of the

regular LF who usually order in bulk from Taiwan. 


There are maybe 2 or 3 places at this time that provides us with the types of shrimps we like, but these can be hard to get to for people with no cars or just too far across town.  Myself I have to make a 120 mile roundtrip to get any of the shrimps I like and even then sometimes they don't have them....other than that its a trip to Buffalo NY and hassled by Canadian Border control about what we are bringing in ($20 limit per day, so not many shrimps for that amount) and sometimes they will confiscate them.


So I am putting this out there to all of you who love shrimps, like to sell and are not afraid to fill out

a customs form, to see if we can help out your fellow Shrimpsters.


I am a longtime breeder/owner of shrimps/crays and was one of the very 1st to bring in these exotic

types to Ontario, and I can tell you that it was harrowing dealing with the long day trip down, waiting for

the boxes to arrive (scheduling them for the same day) and then being hassled by the border, just to

get some of the new species here.


I would love to be able to order from shrimpsters on here and enjoy the beauty of these shrimps without having all the added hassle.  Now that FedEx International can deliver to us (its very expensive) but I am willing to pay the extra for this service to get what I want.......anyone out there want to help????


I know Alphaprobreeders does it, ShrimpUSA does too....anyone else wanna give it a try?

The balls in your park.

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Companies will to ship to Canada and vice versa but you never know when the packages will dissappear at customs because of the lack of the proper permits and licences.  Its a big gamble especially if you are paying for super expensive shipping.

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I don't know the rules for importing INTO Canada and they very well could be different then the US.  As far as how Alphapro and ShrimpUSA do it, when you receive stuff from the US is it marked that it is live animals and what kind they are on a customs form or is there something generic there that doesn't really tell you what is in the box?

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Unless you have a import fish and wild life permit. Any boxes shipped through customs ru. The risk of being taken. Plus the shipping g person could get in trouble too

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