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rare and uncommon mosses


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I've heard some complaints about pricing NV on certain things lately.so let me be clear on this. Most of these mosses I imported, and am the first in the us to have imported that I am aware of. I am one of only a handfulof sellers for specific species. And some are just uncommon and not easily grown. I've been on thismforum since th e beginning and been on planted tank for almost two years now. Moss is my lifeline.

Price for below are per 1x1 $35

-Callicostella prabiaktana

-Cameroon moss

-Queen moss

Price below per 1x1 $10

-Mini pellia

Price below per 2x2 $15

-Singapore moss

I will be adding more when I go through my tank tomorrow. I can't remember even half what inhale on hand that needs a good trimming. Shipping is 6$ priority with tracking. I guarantee all packages first delivery attempt within 1hour of delivery.

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I got some moss from Subtle Aquatics a few months ago; even after the shipment was delayed due to USPS it was still green and lush.

Hands down the best moss I have purchased since getting into the hobby. Generous portions too, wish I had the space for more right now.

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Look - as far as I'm concerned - the price is the price. You're actually the one taking most of the risk importing et al. If you are price too high, you will know. We all grumble with prices (HAN) but at the end of the day if one chooses to make a purchase the only place they can grumble is in front of the mirror.

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I'm kidding about HAN and actually everyone prices. I know you all here have the best prices that I can find. In fact if I found them less expensively I most likely wouldn't trust breeder anyway. You all do a GREAT job for others

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Oh yes I almoztforgo4. I still have fresh home made fish food. Good for all fish, no preservatives, made with only fresh ingredients, three or four color enhancers, natural, vitamins, including licene, and vitamin c, probiotic blend. Frozen solid right now is the best time to order, I use ice packs, and cold weather will prevent it from coming in melts, ask country boy about my success with this food. I sent him some sample. My fish love it.

Several benefits with this.

No fillers

No prepreservatives

All natural

Fresh sea food

No sugars

Every vitamin a fish utilizes everyday use, aswell as for breeding

Probiotic blend to boost immune system

Bacter ae aswell as yeasts to improve water quality and thronged the food sits in the watershed more nutritious it gets

Helps mature fry gut sooner so they can utilize nutrients at a earlier age.

Just break a piece off, put in a shell or dishes even on the glass of the tank. My fish won't touch flakes pellets anymore, and I can feed less often.

Standard ziplock bag full 16 shipped

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