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Petco Liquidation Sale


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I personally think you can never have too much equipment on hand. You never know when you need a spare filter, or an aquarium. I know if that was happening at my Petco that Fuval Spec would be following me home.

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I have the Solo tank.   I have been meaning to do a review on it, but I would nab one .    Current has the BEST customer service.    The wire for the lights on mine came loose .  I wrote to current and they sent me a new one  even though I had no receipt .  When the new one came, I couldnt plug the new plug into the old power supply.   I wrote to them again and the guy called me within about 2 hours of writing. 


Turns out the plug is just super hard to get plugged in because its water tight.    They sent me a new power source anyway just incase.  


To me customer service is everything .   They really stand behind their product and that makes me a loyal customer. 


Besides that I love the tank.    You can basically make the lights any color under the sun. 

The Filter seems shrimp baby safe to me.  Though there are little lines, the filter media goes in tight and presses against the lines so pretty sure babies cant get in there. 


If they were selling for 40 dollars at my store Id go buy 2 just to have on hand  for future addiction placation.


There is one CON to the tank.    It wasnt important to me but it may be to other people.     The little Filter and the lights share a power supply.   They are on a split wire so if you decide to use the little filter, (you dont have to) you cant put the lights on a timer or it will shut both the lights and the filter off.  


My big worry before I got it was are the lights strong enough to grow plants.    My plants thrive in it .  Of course I don't have any high light plants.  I have moss and fern and  some red stem plant that I forget the name of.   


Hope this helps with a decision

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Went back again and the guy there told me since there's 10 days left before closing the doors that the prices are going to hit rock bottom next week.... Hmm but it's a gamble if they stay on the shelf that long lol.

markup is so high they can do that.  ;)

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