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Crystal red shrimp question

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That pH is not ideal for CRS.  If you really want good healthy constantly reproducing shrimp get shrimp that will live comfortably in the water you have or will use.  If you want both Neo's and Caridinas in the same tank the best way to do it is to make the tanks soft acidic water for the CRS. The neos will adapt to low pH very well but not usually the other way around.

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Ok I see the shrimp just don't have vey complete color coverage and the opacity is poor. That is just those particular shrimps genetics that will not improve, only through slective breeding and heavy culling. Also some thing to consider some people will say they keep their shrimp in particular water conditions to make them more appealing to more people. I would steer clear of those and just get neos instead, once you are successful at keeping and breeding the neos then think about staring another soft water tank.

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That particular seller has great quality shrimp. I've purchased several shrimp from him like OEBT and 90% came solid blue. 


His CRS have been raised in tap water and because it was done over several generations they have adapted. My buddy has some of his shrimp and uses straight from the sink water with some Prime and they breed with 0 issues. 


About the color Rye is correct their color is genetic and just lower grade (does not mean lower quality if anything his strain is hardier then others) but if you want that solid white coverage then shop around till you find a seller offering the quality (color) you want since it's easier to start with a desired look then it is to try and select breed. 

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