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Red clay


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I use amaco Mexican red clay in most of my tanks as part of the base layer. I was messing around in my blue pearl tank a few weeks ago and a small bit came to the surface but I didn't take it out right away I went around to the other tanks to top them all off and feed and when I came back 5 minutes later it was covered in shrimp and they were eating the hell out of this stuff.

They were all fine and breeding like rabbits. I know a lot of clay is good to eat for its mineral content, you can even buy it for yourself in pill form. The amaco msds sheet wont open for me and might be broken so Im not sure what kind of clay it is, so if anyone knows what it is and coule let me know I would really appreciate it

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Clay is very beneficial to shrimps, it helps clean out their digestive tracts and promotes health.

I used to sell a clay powder called Montmorillionite Clay, which I dosed my tanks with, including my

crayfish and fish tanks. This clay is very good even for humans (yes you can eat it) It helped the

shrimps molt easier and in a lot of the European foods I believe they include clay.

I used Turface (Aquasoil) clay as my substrate in my planted tank, which held my Taiwans, and my plants

grew like crazy in this soil. It kept my water sparkling clear, and I used a sandwich of peat moss to

lower the PH to 6.5

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I mixed it with the tank water, then squirted it around the tank. It settles as a cloud first, then

disapates within minutes. It does leave a little white film on the soil, but this gets absorbed into

the substrate and you don't see anything after a while. You only use a tiny amount. It is very good

for plants too, the clay seemingly gets absorbed either thru the roots or leaves. My plants were very green and healthy and grew crazy with this.

The montmorillionite clay that I had was top quality (expensive) not Bentonite which is usually used inKoi ponds etc. I purchased mine from a company in BC where it is taken from one of the lakes there.

Here is an article that will explain it better than I. My shrimps would actually eat it right off

the plants and soil like crazy.


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