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Preparing for Blue Velvets - 10 gallon tank


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Hopefully I don't do this wrong, have not done a journal before.


My set ups are not fancy and are low budget, but thought I would 'give it a go'.


I am preparing to get blue velvets in a few weeks.


I had a 5.5 that I was setting up, but I wanted lighter substrate so I could see them better. I have betta tanks, all fully planted and my comfort zone was the 'jungle look' with darker substrate. 


Here is the 5.5 that I was setting up for these shrimp



I was at the petstore getting cat food (honestly.. snicker) and some invisible force pulled me to the fish section ;) With the $1/gallon coming to an end soon... I left with a 10 gallon tank... and a few other things (I did get the cat food).


Now - I am stepping out of my 'jungle' comfort zone and going with lighter things.


Everything is just tossed in right now but I am planning on keeping the far right bottom somewhat bare, just letting what ever sand drifts that way...go that way.


More to come, but here are some pics (Again, everything is just 'in there' for right now)









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I think I am supposed to tell what I am using...


- Substrate is Caribsea Super Natural http://www.petsmart.com/fish/decor-gravel/caribsea-super-naturals-premium-aquarium-substrate-zid36-16748/cat-36-catid-300014?var_id=36-16748&_t=pfm%3Dcategory%26pfmvalue%3Dfaceted


- Filtration - Just a dual sponge for now 


- Water - tap with prime


- heater - cobalt 25 watt (not really made for a 10 gallon but it's what I have on hand and since this is just to keep it from dipping at night I am going to see how it works)


- light - clip on I found at Lowes that is actually working really well. The only reason the left side of the tank looks a bit darker is because I have a container of java moss floating at the top    http://www.lowes.com/pd_352725-47842-17783-003_0__?productId=3394398&Ntt=clip+on+led&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNtt%3Dclip%2Bon%2Bled&facetInfo=


- Other - lava rock with xmas moss and java moss, xmas moss on the back wall, random light river rocks, orange-ish rock that is sort of like slate that I broke up


- plants - debating on whether to stick to things that don't need to be planted into the substrate, but I might get small terra cotta pots, burying them mostly into the sand, put floramax in and give it some more green


work in progress

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Lookin' good.

I think people end up detailing their setup, because somebody usually asks. I think people are most interested in substrate and lighting, in particular. And then, everything else ;)


Where did you get the black lava pieces?

I got the rocks from petco, they actually have a small but decent selection. The largest on the far left is actually a piece of wood :) The other dark pieces were one lava rock that I had to use a hammer and screwdriver to break up into smaller pieces. Was NOT easy, lol

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  • 2 weeks later...

update - got the glass top. Love the top but now the light isn't as strong (go figure) so that will be my next 'what to do about that'.


I decided not to try to create a barrier/shelf to have a true bare bottom section. The rocks hold it back a little but I just let it 'fall where it may' on the far right.


That sponge sitting in the food dish is just a seeded sponge that I put in there to help things along, it won't be staying.


I liked putting the pots in with the floramax to add some green but the plants keep pulling up (especially the grass like ones in the front). I will either go with an idea I have of using a circle of craft mesh to keep the plants in, or they will get yanked and I will just add another rock of moss in front. Really want some red moss, but I'm not paying $30 for a tiny bit on ebay which is the only place I can find it right now.


The bottom is a bit dirty because I am no aquascaper and every time I go and sit in front of the tank I end up moving everything around, lol


Shrimp are coming next week! WOOHOO so excited! Plus it will force me to just admit it will never look like those scaping videos but the shrimp will have a good home









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If there is enough give on that lamp, crank it closer to the tank. It's a glass lid, it won't warp from the heat.

You can also try moving the light to the side of the tank with more plants, so that they get hit with the majority of the light.

And don't worry. Your tanks look much nicer than mine. I don't post pics for a reason, lol.

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Ok - trying to stay calm - shrimp are in transport - says that they should arrive tomorrow.


I know folks have high end shrimp but OMG can I tell you how excited I am to get these guys? :D


They are being delivered to work. I live just up the road so as soon as they arrive I will be taking lunch to go and acclimate them.


Co-workers are a mix of either excited too or just accepting it's me and there's really nothing they can do about it, lol

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Arrrgggg - no drum roll... teased and taunted my usps.


The tracking said today was the 'estimated delivery date'. I've been clicking on the tracking so often today I thought the site would ban me. 


Now starts the little tingle of worry.


If they arrive tomorrow, ok... but... yikes


Then I remember that my snowballs spent 6 days in "left carrier facility" land and they all arrived fine... fingers crossed... I hate this part :(

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Yea, checked just first thing this morning, still says the same thing. :(  It has now, officially, been 48 hours since it "Departed USPS facility" 


They were shipped 2 day priority, so if they don't arrive today, USPS is going to wish they installed caller ID.


It's nerve wracking to be sure.


The BVs are coming from Soothing - I am so excited to get them and get them from someone I kinda 'know' in a way, lol  vs a random seller name on aquabid like the snowballs, although that went very well and they were great stock...

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Yepper.  The tracking for yours hasn't been updated since the 3rd, Crazy.  I'm hoping somehow they'll arrive for ya today.


"Your item departed our USPS facility in ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL 60007 on February 3, 2015 at 5:54 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination."

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Grrrr - it finally changed and is now in Portland OR, (I'm in WA state) and status is "In transit - Delayed"  - please let those little shrimp make it. They've been boxed since Monday...


Have to keep reminding myself the snowballs were in transit for 6 days and were totally fine... 


USPS is not doing anything good for their reputation


So now looks like I repeat the stress process tomorrow. I'm having them shipped to my work, so if they don't show up tomorrow I guess I will be sitting outside the office on Saturday... better show up tomorrow  :growl:

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Yea - so... update. As of 10:30pm last night they had left Portland, OR and that is where it stands as of this morning.


My fear is that they will not delivered until Monday which will make an entire week in shipment. Sinking feeling in my stomach

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Yup - from there they come down here to Lacey (where I am) so I have to wait for them to leave Federal Way and arrive here. I don't know if I can stop it down here for pick up (not sure they would let me pick up on a Saturday). But there is no way it will be delivered today :(


I am going to keep good thoughts and tell those BVs to hang on a little while longer! Then I'm going to mentally say some not very nice things about USPS. lol


Oddly, the shrimp net I ordered, that was also sent 2 day priority, arrived on time... go figure. Of the two, I could have waited on the (*@#(*$@$ net. lol

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