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Its a miracle. or... God is laughing at me. (Edited for aquariumlover)


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So a couple months ago, maybe longer, when I started to fear my tank of death was bacterial,  I took out a couple of the carbon rili that I felt looked cloudy not wanting to take any chances, I dropped them in my dads tank.   The tank was massively overstocked,   the ammonia and nitrates were about as high as can show on api test kit.      He had gotten a few guppies that turned in to over 100. Plus neons, plus a beta, plus a couple sword tails, ect ect.  Covered in bba.  its just gross. 


Let me add there was NO acclimation.   His tank is tap water  and about 10 degrees warmer than mine and I just plopped them in there.   And when he tops off he tops off with chlorine filled water straight from the tap of whatever temp happens to come on.  


Also his filter has no filter guard and large holes  to suck. 


He has finally decided to get rid of it and is giving it to me so this weekend, my sister came and took the fish she wanted for her 55 gallon tank.   we took out the few plants and ornaments... and what starts racing around the tank ?



The two shrimp I dropped in there !!!!   


HOW on earth does my pristine , crystal clear, painstakingly upkept  fully planted   shrimp only tank slowly kill shrimp and my dads toxic dump  cure whatever infection they may have had and keep them thriving among 100 + predators? 


I am pretty amused right now.   One of the shrimp actually grew up very pretty a dark dark blue. 


I think they deserve another chance at life. 


EDIT : I got a pic for you  Aquariumlover.  It looks like he still has the same problem I dumped him in the toxic waste dump for.   White belly.  


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Not sure how to get pics.. right now they are in a little bowl .. just caught them.   Once I drop them in the tank, Im sure they will swim for the moss. 

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Some of you experienced people.   Would you leave him back in the shrimp tank?   The fact that he has lived this long makes me feel that he is ok. but that white is worrying me and I just seem to have cleared up the tank of death.  (No deaths in 2 weeks since treating with paraguard).   


I guess my other option would be to go buy a tiny fish bowl  and put him in it with paragard for 7 days.   hope he lives without filtration  or heat heh.   I AM NOT setting up another tank.   nonono.  

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