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Red Nose Shrimps


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As some of you may know, I had been looking for red nose shrimps for the longest time. I don't understand why they're so hard to find, and I may start carrying some if you guys are interested.

I documented my attempt to clean algae with red nose shrimps (Caridina gracilirostris), and I thought I'd share. This is my algae infested tank. These are hair algae, and it's the stringy type, not the soft type. I noticed that my shrimplets were getting stuck and all shrimps were having a tough time moving around. It's difficult to see the algae in these pictures, but pay attention to the sponge filter, the moss, and the substrate.




I added 11 red nose shrimps to this 10 gallon tank. Here are some of them eating the algae.



You can already see there's significantly less algae after two days.



And here is the tank about five days after the introduction of red nose shrimps. You can still see some algae on the substrate but I was very pleased with the progress.




I stopped documenting, but the remaining algae was gone in another two or three days. I removed all the red nose shrimps except two and cleaned the other tanks the same way.

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That is awesome. I had some a long time ago but they didn't last long.. I'm sure it was something I did wrong. I'd be interested in a few if you decide to carry them. Are you planning on trying to breed them?

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I was, even though I'm sure the brackish water stuff will be a hassle. A lot of them came berried and with saddles, but then I realized all of them had saddles. Seems like I got all females. Interestingly, I still got a few that got berried in the absence of males. Eventually, none would get berried anymore. Not sure if they're unhappy in crystal shrimp water or if it's because of the absence of males.

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