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NEW Product Line and Official USA Distributor of Boss Aquaria


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NEW Product Line and Official USA Distributor of Boss Aquaria


Exciting news about some new products and being the official USA distributor of Boss Aquaria products

Some of you might of heard of them, They are the top shrimp breeder and products in Australia!!!!!

So check out there product line!



I also got these from them:

http://www.hanaquatics.com/shrimp-all-star-poster/ (Photos by the famous Chris Lukhaup)


A must try is... "Shrimp Crack", "Boss Booster" (Has similar ingredients to Glasgarten Betaglucan) and "Baby Powder"

Let me know if you have any questions!!!


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Congratulations! Always good to be able to try something new out. I think you meant to say they're from Australia. I've noticed more and more shrimp products coming from here. :)

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Shrimp crack was mass swarmed in my tank when I got to try a sample. They loves it and fought to drag it all over the tank. I also tried the old sea mud version they have. I like it better than all the old sea mud types I have tried. They use old sea mud but also enrich it with other minerals and micro elements. I used itto start up my 2 60p that get shrimp wend

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Christ - what am I buying now?!?

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ALL of it lol! just kidding!


Seriously... got to try the Shrimp crack haha


and if you like glasgarten beta-g then try there Boss booster (similar ingredients)

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