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Shrimp -3 Mexican Dwarf Orange Craysfish

Soothing Shrimp

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Offer title: 3 Mexican Dwarf Orange Craysfish

Offer Submitter: Soothing Shrimp

Offer Submitted: 23 Jan 2015

Offer Category: Shrimp

The new auction engine is up, so I may as well try it out for the forum. :)


For auction: 3 Mexican Dwarf Orange Crayfish




Little guys with BIG personality! 


Cambarellus patzcuarensis var. Orange are small brightly orange lined dwarf crays that do not eat my plants/mosses.  They will eat the occasional small ramshorn snail.


Currently they are non-sexed and between 1/2" and 1"  They only grow to about one and a half inches. 


Some people keep them with shrimp and fish, but I've quickly become fascinated by them, so I keep them in their own tank.  They are often used as a clean up crew.


Because they are a crayfish, even as small as they are, they are really not picky about params.


ShrimpFever has these params listed:

pH – 6.0-8.0

gH – 3-25

kH – 1-15

TDS – 100-500

Temperature – 16-26C or 60 – 80F


Mine are in Ro remin with SS gh+ to 300TDS.  Easy peasy.


A reminder to use hiding spots for molting.  That's when they are the most vulnerable.  A minimum sized tank suggestion would be a 5g with multiple hiding spots for 3. Larger tanks allow more room to be out in the open and observe their behavior.


Shipping for insulated priority in continental US is only $10.  I'll throw the heat pack in FREE.


Let's have some fun, Bid NOW and GOOD LUCK!

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