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Difference between low grade crs and panda?

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A pronounced feature of red TB’s is their distinctly red face. You can tell them apart from a normal CRS with this feature. Some CRS will have some coloring on the face(nose) but not quite like a TB. Also the color of TB’s is more a rich solid color that gives an almost stain glass look. CRS looks likethe shell is painted red compare to the TB's that the shells appears to be red itself if that makes any sense lol


It's just something that when you see it in person you go oooo that's a TB ooo prettyyyyyy lol :D

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I love this forum! I learn something new every time I go to it. It makes shrimp keeping so much less stressful. Thanks you guys for being generous with your knowledge.

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Tb almost always have awfully covered rostrum, there colors are always dark, I have never seen a wine red that's not a blood red color where as crs have just red coloration. The tb pattern is solid, and not usually broken unless bred that way. And growth rate, if you pay attention to that stuff tb take longer to mature than crs in a tank which is easily recordable to know what's what

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