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newbie mistake #... I've lost count

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I am learning but sometimes I do things that just make me shake my head, so I thought I would share and hope I'm not the only one that does these things (well maybe not this exact one).


Today I was eagerly up against the tank, my magnifying glass in hand as I tried to count the little babies swimming around or munching out on the glass. I was thrilled and lost count after 20.


Then I noticed the empty shells of my new horned nerites and happy turned into panic. I scoped out the tank and sure enough found all but one 'belly up'. Some on the substrate two on top of a filter. My stomach sank and I picked them out and wondered what I did wrong now.


Then, self doubting, I worried about the water. Back to the tank with the magnifying glass. Two fresh molts, looking good. The food dish was covered in poo even though I had not put food in for 2 days.


So what do I do? I grab the turkey baster thing and a cup and I clean up the food dish. Yup, maybe that fixed the whole problem (no it didn't but hey...).


I went to the sink and then red flags started to go off in my head. Grabbed the magnifying glass and looked in the cup. A few random critters no biggie then I saw it... a baby shrimp swimming around, then another... and another  :( In that 'quick clean up' I had managed to suck up 5 baby shrimp! ugh!


So I painstakingly suctioned them back out (don't ask, it wasn't pretty).


Another lesson learned. As for the snails, I have NO idea, the pond snails are doing just fine.

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I did it today I use an air hose into a glass jar, I was geting brine shrimp though and accidentally put to much in and tryed syphoning them out and got two babies axolotls with it. But I saved them threw them back

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I don't think nerites live that long, and you also don't really know how old they were when you got them ... they may have just passed from old age.

I'd like to think that. 2 were good sized, the others were tiny. 2 didn't move when I put them in and within 4 days they are all belly up. I did see the shrimp munching on them but I am pretty sure they were dead first and that my snowballs did not go serial snail killer, lol


I am bummed, but oh well, I do have to get something in there to deal with the glass. I left it alone so they would have lots to eat but it's unsightly to me 

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I have a zebra nerite in my betta tank, it's been there over 9 months now, I hate the tanks at my LFS and don't trust them not to bring disease in that's why I bought the horned nerites online. 


The last nerites I bought at the LFS one died right away the other is the one I've had for more than 9 months. My friend bought one at that same time - doesn't live around me and it died within 24 hours.


I don't do anything different with the water in the betta tank than in the shrimp tank - temp is different. 72 in shrimp, 78 in betta, that's the only difference

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