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discolored cholla


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Just got my first order of cholla. (so exciting for me!)

Some of it is got some grey areas on it, others rather a bit more black, even.

Since this came from Han, I am guessing it is normal, and safe? Or should I boil or something else, first?


I'm also thinking of tying on some java fern that needs a home. It is currently residing on a coco fiber log that is dissolving away.

I know people tie on mosses, but is there any reason java fern wouldn't work on cholla? I guess I have to rehome it when the cholla dissolves away.

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Yes that's normal. You could boil if you feel better about it. Most just rinse and toss it in like Luke said.

And correct you can basically tie any plants to it.


:) sit back and enjoy hahah

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