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i have a snail in my tank safe or not


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I leave my snails in the tank when the population gets too high just put a piece of algee waffer on a dish wait till there's a ball of snails and pick of the dish, I feed my snails yoo my puffer fish or throw them in my assassin snail tank.

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Snails are good in a shrimp tank.  Ramshorns can end up being a nuisance if they breed (and they will eventually) there will be an army of them and they will outcompete your shrimp for food.  but you can do what thegardenofeder said above and once there is a population explosion, round them up and get rid of them.  Your other option if you don't want to deal with all that is to get rid of those guys and buy a few Nerite Snails..there are a bunch of different kinds and they will not breed in a freshwater environment...plus in my opinion they look way cooler than the ramshorns.  Good luck on your decision!

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