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Ideas to make this tank shrimplet safe?


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I've been holding onto this tank waiting for a good use of it. I think now that I've been bitten by the shrimp bug it could work well for selective breeding of shrimp and/or CPD breeding. My only concern in the setup is the filtration piece. This is basically a 33long tank that is divided into 3 seperate portions. Each is drilled twice once for a 1.5inch overflow and a 1 inch return. Setting up a sump and returns for the 3 wouldnt be difficult but how can I keep the overflows safe for shrimplets or CPD fry? What is there now the openings are definitely too wide and would take them for a ride to the sump. Is there anything for the overflows that would work? Is that even the best option? Should I seal the drilled holes and just run 3 sponge filters? I would like to keep the maintenance as simple as possible and I think that might be sponge filters. I dont know. Any ideas or experiences out there?




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Just a little update to this thread. I finally set this tank up. I decided to go with 3 sponge filters running off 1 large air pump for simplicity. I used diamond black blasting grit for substrate. Right now I am using the left section for breeding/raising fry, currently about 30-40 celestial pearl danios and oryzias woworae. They are my second round of fry as my first went very well and are now in a tank with the parents. The center section currently just has a couple transitory fish but will be used for shrimp in the near future when the fish move out. I am still deciding on what color of neo to go with but leaning toward chocolate diamonds right now. The right section is home to my first attempt at TBs, unfortunately i am down to only 2 as i lost 1 recently due to a large temp drop in their previous tank. Fortunately though both TBs are berried from a tangerine tiger. These offspring should be released anytime as they have been berried for over 30 days now. Their section of the tank is the only side i am currently using RO water with SS gh+, the other two sections are tap for right now. I think i will switch the center one before i introduce shrimp though.

Thanks to everyone that made prior suggestions on this tank. It seems to be working out well thus far.


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