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Aura Blue Tigers available!

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Hi guys,


Right now we have some nice Aura Blue Tigers available but limited amount. Aura Blue tiger is $17.00 each. If anyone is interested please PM me. I will take and post some pictures today since they should have regain their full color by now.



Blue Crown

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Hey guys, we are keeping the new tiger species in parameters of 


PH: 7.2-7.5


GH: 3-4


KH: 0


TDS: 135-140


And here are the pictures: Pictures 2 and 3 are a bit murky due to the glass.







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I reminerilize the water every week after 20% water change with half to 3/4 of a cap of MK Breed Blood Diamond than adjust TDS with Blue Diamond. These two products are very easy to use due to the fact that they are liquid form and pretty concentrated. Don't have to wait for the crystals to dissolve and such, just add in to bucket of RO than stir for a minute or so for complete dispersal than it is ready to use. With my usual routine, my galaxy tigers are doing really well too, not sure why people are saying it is really hard to keep. The galaxy tiger are being kept at the same parameter as the aura blue tigers. I will take pictures of my tank full of galaxy tiger post it on shrimpspot so people can see that it is actually not hard to keep the new tigers.

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Sorry guys I left out a part, I add PH UP to the RO water I want to use, set the TDS with the Blue Diamond, and also remineralize the water with Blood Diamond. Aura Blue tiger and galaxy tigers can be kept together since their parameter is the same but Aura blue tiger is a bit more aggressive. 



what happens if galaxy and aura are kept together  Or your hulk ones?   


What do you mean by the hulk one haha? If you are talking about the green hulk that is a TB.

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Np, actually mixing RO and tap water works too but that is a bit more tricky trying to get the exact parameter you want.

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Well I meant if the galaxy and the aura breed, what will you get?  

Hi Jadenlea, that is still a mystery and a good project ;) We are planning on doing that and MK already have a crossed but no shrimplet yet!!

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