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Greenteams 10g Frankenstein Project


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So I got the sudden urge to setup another tank :startle: but I wanted to see how cost effective I could do it.

I had this 10g tank sitting in my storage closet and after some rummaging through my box of spare aquarium things (I’m sure we all have one) I manage to piecemeal this tank together hence the name :P


Filters: I used what I had laying around 1 aquaclear and 1 Rapids Mini Canister Filter

Light: I have a simple 24” single bulb T5 a buddy had given me.

Divider: I had left over glass and SS mesh from the other projects.

Substrate: Had a 9L ADA Amazonia bag that was urging me to use it.

Decorations: Had random driftwoods laying around.

Flora: Only thing I purchased was the moss from Han.


I still don't know what I will be placing into this tank so will see what shrimp I find.


Now Picture time!






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very nice man. I like the divider

Thanks I actually like it going horizontal better then my original idea of doing it vertical because I get much more even flow.


Looks awesome, what about some jelly bean neos?


I thought about it but I actually started to clear out all my neos and focus on caridina. All my tanks are soft water so Neos do ok but not great.

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So I tried doing the whole lights on 24/7 for a week and I got... 0 green algea on the glass :lol: which I know I should be happy but dang I swear I can't grow algea in my tanks even when I try.


On the other hand I got tons of biofilm all over the driftwood and substrate using Bacter AE. So going back to normal light cycle before I screw something up and have string algea take over my tank.

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So not much changed so far other then adding a few feeder fish to help with cycle.


I did move some floaters over from my main tank and about an hour later I walk by check on the plants and long behold a baby shrimp had hitchhiked on the plants lol. A baby BKK was swimming around the tank like whatever and had to quickly catch him and toss back into main tank lol. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

So the tank cycled much faster then I expected. I used MK Silver and some Bactor AE so it only took 2 weeks to finish, but I let the tank run the full month to ensure more stable parameters. 


I did some rescaping and I added new shrimp to the tank.


On the left I have some CRS/Goldens and on the right I have some PBL.







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