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I have a 2.5 gallon planted tank that has been setup for over a year. At one point there were about 30-40 red cherry shrimp living in the tank, along with a few trumpet snails and various tiny pond snails. No fish.

It is well planted, with a moss ball, dwarf baby tears (HC), and some Rotala indica, along with what appears to be a recent duckweed outbreak. I have been managing the duckweed, but this correlates to roughly the same time that this die off started.

Several weeks ago, I noticed a dead shrimp. I have been noticing more and more, and now my population is down to about 10. There are no berried females either.

I have another tank directly beside it that has orange shrimp of the same type (can't really decide from the Internet what their exact name is) and they are doing well.

I use RO water, and add Seachem Equilibrium to it when I do water changes. I usually mix the water to have about 180 TDS, which matches the tank's current parameters.

I have been testing regularly with an API test kit, and here are my results today:

Ammonia 0 ppm

Nitrite 0 ppm

Nitrate 0ppm

pH ~6.9

Copper 0ppm

TDS 188

Temp 82 F

Any ideas would be appreciated.


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