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Sulawesi Mineral 7.5


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Hello Everybody,


New here, but I’ve been around fish / shrimp keeping.

Decided to try keeping Cardinal shrimp in 10G, but so far I’m not happy with results.

Out of 10 shrimps, I have 3 left, and they are very passive, but most important not dying (6 month in), so something is not that bad :)

Did some readings, fellow fish keeper from other forum suggested to use Sulawesi Mineral 7.5.

My question is what is the best way to acclimate my cardinals and orange poso to this buffer?


Current setup:

10G tank

Substrate 1” crashed coral

Middle of the tank I have a pile of red lava rocks and on the top of that pile 7-8 leaf Anubias

Next to the bubbling 3” sponge filter I have big chunk of lase rock.


Temp – 79F

pH – 7.6

gH and kH measured useg API test kit, and I think it’s expired

(what test kit are you using)


Weekly 5-10% WC, RO aged in bucket full of crashed coral




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SS Sulawesi Mineral 7.5 isn't really a buffer, it is a remineralizer for your water changes. According to the instructions, add enough until you have reached 270 +/- microsiemens or 180 TDS with RO water. 


Just 3 cardinals inside a 10 gallon tank isn't much bioload, you do not need to do weekly water changes unless you are overfeeding them alot. With Cardinals, it is very important to keep your tank stable. 

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I use my RO waste water for the Sulawesi shrimp. The parameters are TDS 130 GH 5 KH 5. I then bump my TDS up to 200 using a re-mineralizer. My Sulawesi are baby making machines. I was using SS 8.5 at first but it leaves too much crap in the water.

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Thanks for reply All.

I also forgot to mention, tap water in NYC is very soft, and it has very low TDS.

TDS - 35

pH - 7 (but it drifts to 6.8 after 24 hrs) I bring the pH by having crashed coral, and lase rock.


So yesterday I did WC, with new Sulawesi Mineral 7.5, bring the Temp. to 79F

Today I will test the water paramenters, and will see ...



So maybe in month or two I will be ready to add some more shrimps.

Where do you guys go to buy shrimps from?

My source is no loger keeps them


Thanks again

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