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Could that really be a white neo in my tank?!?

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Trying to not get too excited here.  White neos have been a holy grail sought after by the most diligent breeders...


I *think* I see a white neo with a little orange on it in one of my tanks.


Trying to calm down and think rationally-  It's not clear, and it looks like pigment and definitely not infection.  It also doesn't look so far like a thickening of the shell, but if something seems too good to be true...


Things running through my mind right now...could the orange color have been mutated somehow with a dilution gene?  Is this reproducible or a one off?  Is this a true mutation?


Is this really what I think I'm seeing?  I mean....really???


Dangit!  Batteries are dead in my one camera, but I grabbed another one and was able to get this pic.







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Can you get a pic with out flash and I have one that looks simular I'll try and get a pic I thought maybe it was snowball with a little orange.


Wouldn't be snowball for two reasons.


1) Snowballs are clear


2) Snowballs are Neo Palmata, while cherries are Neo davidi


It hasn't been out and about after I took teh last pic, but I just came in from shoveling so I'll see now.  Awesome you may have one too!

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And here, we see the elusive yet beautiful white neo shrimp. They are extremely rare, so we are very lucky this one has graced us with a public presence today. Look at those elegant white legs. 


Alas, the white shrimp has gone back into hiding. Who knows when it will make another appearance? It is said they only come out once every blue moon, to bask in the lunar beams. Like bird watchers, shrimp watchers must be ever diligent, as they never know when that rarest of the rare will put in an appearance. 


Seriously, that is a lovely shrimp. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. :)

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Lol wow like it was ment to be it was right in front for me. As you can see my blues and she is white and showing more orange scince she saddled and there is so much duck weed on the tank so she has a hint of green but she looks just like a snow ball with a bit of orange


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So one of my rillis spit out a yellow? She's more orange then yellow it's bad lighting she had nice orange leggs though she looks different when she's not saddled


May be a pumpkin then. (?)  Shrimp genetics are very strange at times.  Some of the most unexpected colors pop out of others. ;)

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Very cool!  I call dips on first offspring if you get it going ;)

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