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Nuts For Nuts

Steve R.

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I wanted to diversify the food that I am giving to my shrimps and just dropped a shelled unprocessed walnut (after soaking in water for 1 hour) in a tank with Caridina sulawesi. The shrimps went nuts over it.

My reasoning was that nuts are natural food sources for shrimps when they fall into their habitats and that walnuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which are supposedly essential for shrimps.

Do any of you have experience with feeding nuts to your shrimps?


Nuts for nuts



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I broke the walnut into 5 smaller pieces last night. This morning they are still over the pieces but not as crazy as yesterday. The nut is pretty solid.

I am not too worried about negative effects on the water quality. If fungi or bacteria grow on it, the shrimps will eat the biofilm. :stuff:

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