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Questions on Benibachi Super Bacteria Bee Max

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I just picked up some Benibachi Super Bacteria Bee Max and since most of the writing isn't in English, I'm a little confused as I've never used it before. 


First off, the front of the package says: must be kept in the freezer.  Is this after opening or should it be in the freezer now?  It wasn't shipped with ice or anything.  The second question is that it says to add 1 teaspoon for a 60cm aquarium, what is that in gallons?  I'm not sure which measurement I should take of the aquarium. Should I take (L, W or H) for the 60cm?  Sorry, I'm a total newbie when it comes to shrimp.  Final question, will this harm fish?  Right now I have ghost shrimp and RCS along with an Otto, two fancy guppies, a mystery snail and a couple of red minor tetras.


I'm planning on starting up a new tank (20L) for shrimp with maybe an otto and some snails in the near future and I'm just trying to get everything I need to get started.  I just thought I'd add some to my current tank.


Thank you and sorry for the newbish questions.

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I always though it should be kept in the freezer only after opening but I will confirm with the manufacturer since it wasn't sent to me cold either. 


60cm is probably about 15 gallons, maybe 20 depending on the other dimensions.  I would assume 15 but I also asked the manufacturer what they thought.


It won't harm your fish.

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