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Otocinclus & Pygmy Cory....anyone breed these??


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Hey folks,

I was wondering if anyone on here breeds these. I have often wanted to try them and would like some advice. I also would love to try to breed the pygmy cory. Any advice/suggestions you folks might part with, would be appreciated. THX! 

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Well, I have a tank all set up and am acclimating 4 new ones and the two I already had. I am sure there is one fairly large (compared to the others) female in there and another I am pretty sure is also female. The others are pretty slim and small, so I hope they are males. I have it bare bottom with some small potted live plants and a sponge filter that was in another tank for quite some time. I also used some Quick Start. I am using the plate feeding idea for now. I have a dish in there to put algae or veggie tabs for food until it gets some growth going in the tank. So everyone do your Oto dance and we will see what happens. :jig:

@thegardenofeder  thanks for the advice. I haven't done much with cory catfish, so this is kinda new for me. I have an albino in one tank that has laid eggs on my heater, but of course they get eaten and she is alone in there as for catfish, so no hope of getting babies in there anyway. 


@chibikaie  let us know on this thread if you begin breeding Oto's, and we will see what we can learn together maybe. I have mine alone in their tank, so eggs/fry are safer.(hopefully)  


I still can't find any pygmy cories except the one I have in a 5 gal with my Betta. He is over a year old, so I would love to find a group that is younger.  I am on a search for them online now.  :geek:


Thanks for your answers and hopefully, my project will get going.

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