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Taking turns. So strange


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So I just wanted to share the strangest experience I have had with my Carbons...


I have 2 large beautiful females that breed..  thats it.. the others that survived the TOD are to little .


THis has happened 4 times now.. To many to be coincidence. 


One of the girls got pregant...  She gave birth.. The very next day the  other one got pregnant.

When she gave birth,  the original one got pregnant the next day...     Now today I look in the tank


and the pregnant one has given birth and the other one is pregnant again!!!



How strange is that?  They have never been berried at the same time but the instant one is done, the 

other gets pregnant.


Explain this!    Moms taking turns?  Daddy shrimp who doesnt want to deal with 2 pregnant women at once?    


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