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Why use breather bags with heat packs?


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You should choose 72 hours heat pack, it stay warm longer, and need less O2 compare to regular heat pack.


I don't have problem to use breather bag with 72h heat pack.

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it depends on the whole construction of the package when using them both. even if in theory it could be a problem i just used exactly this way of packing yesterday. animals arrived today all alive. environment temperature at arrival station 9 (nine) degrees fahrenheit (minus 13 degrees celsius). inside red rillis, carbon rillis, and sakuras.

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Hmm.  I'm sure shrimps don't use up too much O2 so I am sure shrimps would do fine either way. But the question is; is it economical?  I'm curious if anyone used an accurate DO meter to test samples of


1. breather bag with heatpack

2. breather bag without heatpack

3. regular fish bag with heatpack

4. regular fish bag without heatpack


All having the same numbers of shrimps inside of the bags. and samples without any shrimps inside, and all in the shipping box insulated with styrofoam.


My work place has a $1k+ DO meter that I am curious to do a little experiment on these shrimps... But I wanna check if anyone else have done this.

I've experimented using 72 hrs heat pack, and in my experience, it didnt last 72 hours when the shipping package was too full; need to leave some air room for the reaction to continue.


Also, if the box is not airtight, allowing gas exchanges... what does it means for styrofoam as insulator? thoughts/comments?

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