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shrimp decal... silhouette.... needed for Cricut machine


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So my wife bought a Cricut... basically it's a small machine for cutting out vinyl decals.

I'm looking for a shrimp silhouette of sorts to try to make some window clings(tank clings) for people that by shrimp from me.

I searched Google images but nothing tickled my fancy. I do not needed anything with crazy detail since this will be a one color vinyl decal, not a printed vinyl decal.

Anyway, just thought I would ask around in hopes that someone may have something saved on their computer or someone with artistic abilities that can draw one up digitally.



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So, I'm not really sure if this is what you are looking for, but I'm a fan of this "signature" so I thought I'd pass it along.


The source of the image is "Rah-Bop", who I'm sure many of you know as the creator of the "Caridina Cantonensis Family Tree" project that was over on TPT..........I see many of you participated in that conversation. 


I have no idea whatsoever if permissions (if any) are needed to use the image.  Rah-Bop does have a Deviant Art page.


Welp, I thought I could copy & paste the image, but the file extension is not accepted.  




I'll just include a link to the TPT posting I referred to earlier....he is the third poster on page six or is throughout the entire conversation.


Now that I've written all of this I really wouldn't be surprised if he was a forum member or if many of you know the person in real life.  I'm sure he could be contacted for epic shrimp arts.

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