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ROAK- Orange eye blue tiger shrimp


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I am in the process of switching all my tanks over to Taiwan bees so i am giving away the last of my tiger shrimp. I can count about 5 good blues and about 10-15 blondes. One of the blues is berried! All i ask is that the winner pays $10 to help cover shipping and packaging. Just put your names on a numbered list and i will pick a number at random Sunday 2-8-15 at 7pm central time. Good luck!     post-471-0-76757800-1423328949_thumb.jpgpost-471-0-49305500-1423328963_thumb.jpgpost-471-0-14604400-1423328977_thumb.jpgpost-471-0-36276800-1423328993_thumb.jpgpost-471-0-00533000-1423329004_thumb.jpg             

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1. Elo500 
2. Crazyfishlady 
3. Adrand 
4. Thekonexperiment 
5. stangmus 
6. Cindygao0217 
7. TheGardenofeder 
8. davesays 
9. Poopians 
10. Metageologist 
11. Vinn 
12. Jesseter 
13. Kelsier 
14. sai_Dee
15. Greenteam 
16. Swissian
17. StarryNight15 
18. Glasshalffull 


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