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Missed it by an hour $@^%*%*&#^(&^@*(^@!!!

Soothing Shrimp

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I've had so many bad experiences with shipping that I preferentially make our pickup lab send out samples instead. I can't deal with the hassle of trekking to find an office that is open and able to handle my package. Or, better yet, I had two packages go completely missing. They said they never received them for shipment.

On the other hand ... when I pack expired meds for return? I have to hide the outgoing packages or sneak them to a dropoff center or my coworkers will unpack them and put them back on the shelf!

I do local swaps instead >.>

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Packed up 16 bags of shrimp/crays.  Went to the post office only to find out it closed an hour before.  :growl:


Came home, released 16 bags of critters, only to have to catch them on Monday.


Anyone ever have a similar experience?  So mad at myself right now I could puke! :sick:



Well, I will search for other locations if open late.

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sorry,but i LOL'd...that's gotta suck.


i normally don't ship late on Saturdays,but i did today.

i checked the closing time on the website to make sure.

though my items aren't alive,i would just ship them on Monday. :)

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My experience was way different but here's what happened to me.

I had about 7  Priority Mail packages that needed to be shipped out. I scheduled pick up. The carrier came to my house at like 6 so none of my packages left my post office until next business day.


So whoever that does pick up from house, if your carrier does not come to you before your post office closes, go to the po yourself before it closes because you missed the last dispatch and your packages will just sit at the po till next business day.

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