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USPS, well what can I say...they did finally deliver my package!


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Ordered the X-Plane 10 dvd for my Hubby's 55th birthday.  Ordered it 3 weeks in advance of his bday.

Aug 24th.  Shipment went out on time, tracking number sent to me, so I kept checking it, hoping it

would arrive for our planned weekend bday away at a cottage on the lake.


After 3 days I noticed it said it was in Colombia?  So I talked to the shipping department for X-Plane.

The guy said Oh that;s COLUMBIA, SC...it will be there soon.


After I double checked again I notified them that it said COLOMBIA, BOGOTA which the last time I

looked was in South America.  He said OK I will post you another dvd just in case.


Hubby's bday came and went and no present  :angry:   3 weeks later, the dvd shows up in the mailbox! 

OK well its late, but he's finally got his bday present now and is happy as can be. 


2 days ago I get a notification from our postman that I have a package in the main facility for picking

up, so Hubby goes down and gets it yesterday.    :goodjob:  USPS has finally delivered my package, care of SC, GA, FL, Bogota Colombia, and god knows where else.....its has been opened and closed soooo many times it looks like a dog got at it...however the dvd is still in tact!  Not damaged.


SO now my Hubby has his bday present.....only 5+ months late :phew:   Great Job USPS you DO deliver.

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"its has been opened and closed soooo many times"


If it went to South America, chances are customs opened the package.


Glad to hear the package did arrive.


I have over 10 packages that gone missing. Either arrived at sorting facility or departed and never scanned again for months. It's still missing.


USPS needs better theft protection.

Obviously packages don't just keep getting lost in transit. Someone is obviously stealing them.

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