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Single egg?


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I just noticed that my largest orange-rili (owned for about 2 weeks) has what appears to be a single egg in her swimmerettes.  She had a huge saddle which is now gone and I saw her mating about 5 days ago.
Questions for the experts.....
Did she drop the eggs before I noticed and one is stuck?  Or is it possible to only have single egg pregnancy?
If it is stuck, is it going to cause health problems for her?

Not had much luck with my dedicated shrimp tank, better after I found this site (followed some members over from another forum) so worried about losing what so far has been my most successful shrimp venture.


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No health concerns.  Probably dropped the eggs.  First berry?

Don't know if she's been berried before I got her, but first in my setup



Could she possibly still be in the process of laying? You may wake up tomorrow and find her holding many more.

Maybe, but I don't see anymore saddle

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Well she's still holding on to it this morning, so I'm going to just wait and see what happens.

Still could be water issues, in theory parameters look good.

But you know what they say about theories [emoji2]

I'm just going to keep plugging away following all the info I'm pulling off here.

More molts overnight, so hopefully some more eggs soon.

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