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MK-Breed Restocked and Many New Items~!!!!


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MK-Breed is now fully restocked!
Order now because it sells out quick!
Added many new items!
- Borneowild Moringa Leaves - $12
- New Style Shrimp Basket - $12
- Extendable 3D Shrimp Net - $13.50
- Power Men Algae Scraper - $26
- Real Glass Egg Tumbler - $22
- Söchting Oxydator Solution - $9
More info at




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Extendable 3D Shrimp Net


Product Description

  • Extends from 7" - 20"

  • Chain end to hang or suction cup to stick to you tank

Squared shape net, great for catching shrimps in the corners

Superior quality 3D net will not collapse or tangle the shrimps ( The net even holds up its own weight!)

Coated handle for better grip

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when will your get more tantora amaranth leaves.


On its way, probably about 1-2 weeks. Plus there new version of mulberry leaves.


called "Ready Mulberry" 



They are discontinuing there old version "Dried mulberry leaves"


The new ones is a drop directly into tank ready.


I also got there 2 kinds prepared foods "Mulberry +" and "Veggie Max"



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I have both the Mulberry dried pieces and the Veggie pieces and unfortunately NONE of my shrimps will touch it!

Ive tried it with all of them and they just check it out and then leave it alone....don't know what to say?   It doesn't

work for my shrimps.


Best thing I found for shrimps was dried Oak leaves....they go nuts over this and eat at it till it looks like fine lace, full of

holes.  I will have to find some, as I gave away a big bag of mine last October.

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