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Rose Moss & Falme Moss package


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I need to trim some moss so selling a large portion for cheap.


I have a portion of Rose Moss that is 5x3 and is already grown well over 3" high. You will also receive a large golfball portion of Flame moss.


Asking $30 for the whole thing.






This come from my shrimp tanks so possible hitchhikers are shrimps, snails, and duckweed.

Shipping will be $5.50



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OMG!!! Mosses came today! HUGE amount of flame and rose, large amount of fissiden as a freebie and... a surprise freebie of a large bunch of pellia!!!


Moss were so well packaged, lush, green, beautiful! I had to use two bowls to put them all in!


Huge thank you!!! I am so excited!


I only had a small amount of flame before now I have some gorgeous new moss to play with! :) :) 

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