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abaut taiwan bee aquarium


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hello my questions are maybe very easy for you but im new for shrimp feeding.

i feeding neocaridina shrimp for only hobby and a few weeks later i want to turn to caridina shrimps (taiwan bee)

i contact with yu-crs center in taiwan and i wantto buy shrimps from them.

i just want to ask few questions


1_ one of their videos in youtube there is a room and 7-8 aquariums in there. i think their lighting are ADA. in my country there is no ADA product or they are really expensive. so i just want to how many watts per liter in these aquariums (i use 2sylvania grolüx 1sylvania aquastar 1 sylvania daylightstar= 120watt  for 200liter aquarium)


2_and my second question is abaust my water parameter. i live türkiye in a site and use tap water with using jbl biotopol for shrimps. (biotopolC). my water  parameters are 310-320micro siemens , 150-160ppm , ph6-6,3 is that parameters are good for breeding taiwan bee shrimp?


3-breeders prefer akadama or ada soil. i use noutral black hagen soil. can i use this soil with that water parameters?


4_ last question is this fertilizer suitable for caridina shrimps?? (if i use only 10ml or 20ml per week for 200liter aquarium)


5- what do you think abaut to buy shrimp from another country?







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I haven't been keeping TB's for that long, but my thoughts on 1,2,& 4:

1. I don't believe high watt lighting is critical for raising taiwan bees.  Most mosses and some plants are fine in low light.  I would focus more on keeping your tank temperatures stable and low between 21-23 C.

2. Conductivity and TDS are more general water quality measures, but don't tell you what exactly the composition of your water is.  I would check if your general hardness, GH (Calcium + Magnesium ions), is in the 4-6 degree range and your KH (Alkalinity) is low / 0-2.  There is a good article defining GH, KH, and pH here:

4. Sera florena does contain trace amounts of copper,  but this Sera FAQ says it is ok to use with shrimp.  Check the TDS after adding fertilizers to your tank to make sure you aren't pushing your TDS levels too high.

Hope that helps.

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