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Why shrimp? :D


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This is kind of in response to Crazyfishlady's post about funny things you say about shrimp to non-shrimp people... it wasn't really related, but I figured, it's still fun, so why not?  Feel free to add your own.


Good selling points for shrimp: 

Shrimp don't poop on the floor. 

They don't eat your shoes. 

They don't climb the screen door.

They don't break your prized vase (though they may like to hide in it if you put it in the tank).

They don't steal the food off your plate.

They don't knock over the garbage.

They don't shed on your clothes.

They don't bite. (do they?)


Well, that's a start. :)

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One thing I really like about Shrimp (as opposed to fish), is that they always look natural to me. 


I always like observing animals in their natural environment and I know being in an aquarium isn't actually a natural environment, but it's cool that they go about their business as usual and don't instantly come up to the front of the tank going OH MY GOD ITS THE FOOD FAIRY!!! FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD!!! (although it is cute when my beta does it)


They are so much fun to watch!


edit: I couldn't say my response was funny, but a selling point for observers :D


edit2: They won't leave dead things in your shoes

They won't make loud noises all night

They won't pee on your couch

They won't scratch you if you rub their tummy (rubbing tummy not recommended)

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They don't demand to go in and out all day.

They don't require a bath.

They can't be sprayed by a skunk. Unless it's in your house but that's a unrelated problem.

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Mine is more practical.  I used to breed mammals and reptiles.


Wood substrate gets ALL OVER


If you miss a substrate change the room stinks


If an invert gets out, they won't go far (for long) or cause destruction.


It's a lot more convenient to change water than wood substrate.


I've gotten bitten from rats, mice, snakes, lizards, but never aquatic inverts.

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My boss rolls his eyes when new volunteers or employees ask how often I get bit. "Daily!"

I swear I'm not actually that bad, but he doesn't believe me when I explain that I whacked my hand on the cabinet door.

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They don't eat their young

"Shrimp staring" is a form of meditation therefore bringing relaxation

They are easy to sneak into your collection...as long as you are the one getting the mail.

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"Shrimp staring"

Now that sounds like something we could start an underground ring of gambling for.

Which shrimp will break first folks? We've got the newcomer Pure "Straight Eye" Red Line in this corner. And in this corner we have the all time champion, weighing in at .0000009 pounds, the craziest shrimp we've seen in the game (dont get him angry). Known to all as the "Incredible Stare", The Greeeeen Huuuuuulk!!!! Place your bets people!!


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If you think about it, they've got a lifespan similar to the smaller rodents (hamsters, rats). And because they reproduce readily but have a low bioload, you can *responsibly* keep a whole colony. While you can techinally do that with vertebrates, well, you hit the "oh no I can't take care of ALL of these guys" wall a LOT sooner.

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