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mineral ball does it affect tds? gh? kh? ph?


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Thats it! I usually just wash them off with RODI water before tossing in, but then you just let them sit in aquarium. Hope they do what they claim.

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I have a few mk life balls


i washed them in ro/di and tossed in cup of ro/di.


TDS did increase but very very slowly. As for it absorbing ammonia, it did not so that for me.


I don't think the amount of ammonia could be detected by most ammonia test kits.


How exactly did you test this?

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I had a 10g tank with around .25 ammonia.


Had 4 lifeballs in there. 1 week later, still .25 ammonia.


The Life Balls could have been absorbing the ammonia while your substrate, or any other source, was still leeching / producing it.


Better way to check would be in a controlled environment.  Start with water in a cup, add ammonia to a confirmed measurable level, add mineral balls and monitor. 


Personally I don't add any of my mineral balls or ammonia boards till after my cycle and right before I put in my shrimp.  Why waste their finite absorption capacity before there are any shrimp in there.

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If the tank is cycled, though, there shouldn't be any ammonia to absorb.


Unless you do something to upset the balance.


If you overfeed, do a big trim/removal of plants or have some shrimp die off, an ammonia spike can occur. 

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