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crs baby brownies

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I have a lot to learn about crs, so I'm hoping some opinions will help me here.


My BB were held in my super red project crs tank while getting another tank ready.  One of the BB became berried and gave birth before being moved to the new tank. However she wasn't the only one who released during this time.


Weeks later, I'm noticing some of the tiny look like brownies instead of crs.


Is it possible to differentiate misch from crs


Are these misch, or a possible throwback to cbs, or what?

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brown color can come from mixing blacks and reds. i think the red waters down the black. i would say it kinda depends on the genes in the bb. if it came from a bkk line then i could kinda see it making more of  a brown baby. i would put them in a holding tank till they get older might end up as a low grade bkk. ive hears some black king kongs have more of a brown tint where as the high grades are more of a blue tint. the bkk i had were the blue. you would only see it if the light hit them just right though

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The black or brown probably depend on the color adults they From. Browns would tend to be more red in lineage and blue more black in lineage. Makes sence To me I have a ton of more brown tinted cbs and muscling even tibees in my tank but my tank is also predominantly cbs and tibees that came from cbs and tt pseudo tb if you will.

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