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New comer from Jakarta


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Hi Shrimp lover, I'm from Jakarta with a 5 weeks neo caridinas shrimp tank :D


Previously I only buy them for my fish tank.. but eventually the shrimp just vanishing (ate by the fish) so I decide to move them into a new 45x30x30 tank with no preparation. Then it hit me.. I cant move my eyes on these little guys LOL


Here's my first shrimp tank, with some neo caridinas shrimp (they say the easiest shrimp to mantain...).


So many things I want to ask about keeping this cool guys, so please guide me guys







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Welcome. If you can get some duck weed it will absorb the nitrate. Once your levels are under control remove it.

have a gneiss day

You'll have a hard time ever getting rid of duckweed fully.

Thanks for the advice guys, did you mean these guys lol post-1570-142387875248_thumb.jpg

I've already put it for 2 days, but it seems that the nitrate are still high, I use JBL stripes test.. It say .50 while nitrite stay at 0.

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That's frogbit, grows slower and absorbed less trates.

Ah so I was wrong, no wonder it still comes out with high nitrate.

Many shrimperist in my city recommend using ADA bacter ball to reduce or maintain nitrate, do you guys think that too?

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To maintain low nitrate levels many of us including myself always include a bag of Purigen. Its inexspensive and can be recharged multiple times.


Yeah, I've read some of shrimp tank with purigen recommendation, I have already have in my canister a EHEIM substrate pro.. does it work the same as purigen?


or later can I put it together with Purigen?


You might try more and/or different floaters. Plus I don't know how quickly the ones you put in would affect your nitrates.


I seems my floater doens't absorb that much.. well its already day-4 when I first put it in there, not much at my city sell those kind of floaters :(

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