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How will Fire Red Cherry shrimp act before they molt?

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My juvenile Fire Reds are all over the place as far as activity goes, but I have a couple adults that don't seem to doing much at all, not a whole lot of movement. My tank is very heavily planted, so I can't observe everything, but new shrimp keep popping up, so there is mating going on, but I would like to know what shrimp act like before molting? Is it normal to not move around much. My kh 3, gh 6, ph is about 6.5, zero NH3, zero nitrite, and about 5 ppm nitrate, probably because of the Purigen. Temp is 76. TDS is 212

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Wow, that is a good question.

On a related but opposite thought, I had hoped to see post molt behaviour that decapods generally demonstrate while their exoskeleton hardens. I thought that would be interesting to see. But with so many shrimps, so many hiding spots, haven't been able to observe this. Maybe they are back in action quickly after a molt?

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