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dented mystery snail?


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So I got brave enough to try a different snail in my snowball tank. This one is a mystery snail (or so I was told). I've named "her" nugget because "she" is gold. 


I really hope she doesn't die like the nerites. If she does I will never put another snail in this tank and feel the guilt for a long time.


She's been in there since Thursday and (so far) seems to be doing great. 


I was taking cute pics of her eating an algae tablet with a bunch of the babies around her (omg did those shrimp love that algae tablet!!)


I noticed what looks like a 'dent' on the snail. It's on the first swirling part I guess you can call it. Can snails heal their shells? Anything I can do to help?


[ETA] I've been googling and it says they need calcium and that a cuttlebone will work. Can you really just by a cuttlebone at the LFS and use that? There was a site that showed how to pull a badly broken snail out and 'patch' it with gauze and apoxy but I doubt I need to do this... or could and don't think it's that bad yet



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Cuttlebone will work it's composed of arragonite which is a form of lime stone. Just be aware it will affect your Kh.

have a gneiss day

Thank you. Do you know how much it will affect it? My kh is currently 7

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ok so with a kh of 7 I don't need a cuttle bone? And thanks soothing I guess I will try not to worry since it seems to be a spot that can't be repaired and isn't completely broken? argggg


I was googling sites and found a question 'can I eat my apple snails and how do I prepare them' - ewwwww lol

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A dent is more likely mechanical damage, not to worry about especially as it looks fairly minor. I think if your parameters are good for neos, they overlap the suggestions for apple snails, so you should be fine. You can feed calcium-rich foods - snails seem to be better able to utilize dietary calcium than shrimp.

Good luck with her!

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