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Ro/Di suggestions?

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I just bought this, got it in last week, and immediately started to use it. After flushing 5 gallons to clean the insides, the TDS was coming out at 0 for my RODI water. My tap water isn't that hard, though. It's at about 100 TDS without filtering.



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so after what jullian said I googled zero water. I remember seeing a tv commercial about it too.  If it works, the neat thing is is that they carry it at Kohls. 


Any other Kohls addicts besides me?   You can often get stuff close to nothing  if you play your discounts right. hehe  Sale + 30% off coupons +  Kohls cash.   

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The reason I asked about TDS is this:


"Q. How long will the filters last?
A. Though we are lab-certified for 15 gallons per filter under the strictest conditions, our customers with tap water near 200 TDS tell us that one filter will treat about 30 gallons of water..." (found on zerowater site)


So, Tap with 400 TDS will run 15 gallons, etc.


Filters are about $38 for a 2 pk from Kohls.  http://www.kohls.com/product/prd-897400/zerowater-2-pk-replacement-filters.jsp


IMO, once you pay for a 23 cup Zerowater, and 2 filters, you could have bought an RO unit.

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What is your tap TDS, julian?

range from 40 to 100. the water came out at 0 tds. i bought my zerowater fews years ago and im still on my 2nd filter. i know tds will effecting how long the filter last, but seeing no waste water worth every penny for me. beside, my house water pressure is on the low side, i also need a booster pump if i setup a ro unit. 

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Vertex Puratek Deluxe 100GPD




Includes booster pump, TDS meter and auto membrane flush.  A little pricey but well worth it IMO, I have 2 units running.  They were available for $200 CDN on an online store here in Canada during boxing sales, I almost bought a third and kind of regret that I didn't now.

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