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Dark sakuras

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i have posted some days ago a dark red line i am working with, here some new pictures....


the line is related in ancestry with the royal bloods.. i hope on the long run very dark individuals in purple (lila) will apear again


the light used in the tank is 2700 K that is why images have a yellow touch, otherwise the dark and intense red color woul apear even stronger



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i just wanted to show you the selcted group (about 20 individuals) i took out from the initial group.. sorry for the pictures.. at one point i will try to put even better ones... let me know your oppinion... it is a 15 gallon tank with 2 t5 6500 K over it (the same tank where i keep the tropical mosses... so here the pictures,




and the final two is what i intend to breed out again (i know i am not very far from that, that selection was directly related to this group, i did that some years ago)






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Were those born with that dark color already or did it eventually turn darker? One fact that I know is that some neocaridinas do get darker as they age but if they are born with that coloration already than keep at it!!

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